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December 15 2008

I had a blast with all you guys. Like I said, I'm on twitter as NJShadow and I'm an editor on Tawkn.com. Also, I migrated all my Pownce stuff to soup.io. They seem to have it down excpet that you can't actually download the files you post. Anyway, it was fun Pownce, you were one of a kind. =)

December 10 2008

Re-posting the Brandy song cause' I think the first one had some skips in it....

Brandy - Right Here (Departed)

December 09 2008

Brandy - Right Here (Departed)

December 08 2008

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Nate's Theme

December 07 2008

I don't know if I'm gonna ever find a website/app like Pownce. Does anybody know if there's anything out there like it? With the file-sharing and all? It's a real shame cause' Pownce ROCKS. (Let's relish the time that we can still say ROCK(S) rather than ROCK(ED)
I'm gonna use Pownce to export some songs to my PS3 starting with this one. =)

Dead and Gone - T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake

December 02 2008

Thought I'd post one of my favorite songs from the Sonic Adventure series. Maybe it'll counteract some of the negative feelings due to Pownce closing and all. =)

Sonic Adventure - At Dawn... For Speed Highway
I just printed the screens and pasted into Word everyone on my friends list. =)
I'm not too sure how to say goodbye to Pownce, there's no other site like it. Great people, the ability to upload and download pretty much anything, stream music, make friends.....UGH. I don't want Pownce to go! Anybody and everybody who sees this message reply with some sort of contact info! Twitter, Facebook, whatever!
CRAP! I kind of regret never getting together with my fellow Northeasters! Be sure and add me on Twitter! You cknow who you are!

Twitter / NJShadow

To all my Pownce pals, please catch up with me on Twitter (posted below) or the PS3 site I write for, Tawkn.com. Crap, I really am gonna this this place and all the wonderful people...

November 21 2008

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This is just one little reason why I think Home is going to OWN the NXE. =) Home... I can't wait!! Thank you Sony... Thank you.

(Also, one of my pals is in the middle!)

November 20 2008

Meiko Kaji - The Flower of Carnage
Akon feat. Karinal Official - Dangerous

November 19 2008

Latest Gaming News - Are You TAWKN ? - Your source for everything PlayStation

WOW, our PS3 site has had nearly 20,000 hits in the last 24 hrs.!! =D

November 18 2008

Chingon - Malagueña Salerosa
Malcolm McLaren - About Her

November 14 2008

I'm actually starting to use Twitter on a regular basis now. =)

November 13 2008

7262 307c 500
Man, do I wanna go there! =)
NiGHTS Pinball from Sonic Adventure =)
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